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date_range 17.10.2019 - 22.10.2019

location_on г.Нур-Султан, Мангилик Ел 55/23, C4.4


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About competition

Astana International Financial Centre and Bureau for Continuing Professional Development are pleased to announce a “Best Paper of the Year” competition. The competition is organised within the Cooperation Plan between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the AIFC.

“Best Paper of the Year” is an open competition among finance specialists and analysts. The purpose of the competition is to encourage and stimulate interest in logical and structured writing in a variety of areas.

The competition is organized around several stages:

I stage – participation in a workshop on Logical & Structured Writing based on the Pyramid Principle;

II stage – preparation of a structure and a draft paper on one of the identified topics during the workshop;

III stage – participation in a research conference and presentation of paper logic and supporting arguments;

IV stage – submission and review of papers.

Areas of research

  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Capital Markets
  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Islamic Finance
  • Green Finance
  • Financial Technology
  • Insurance


Workshop on Logical & Structured Writing

Logical & Structured Writing is a topic-based approach to processing, analysing, organising and presenting information in a written form based on arguments and supporting arguments. It can be applied in different types of documents and formats.

Logical & Structured Writing benefits anyone who needs to:

  • improve their writing skills;
  • write information for multiple audiences with different information needs;
  • design a structure for a knowledge base or large bodies of information;
  • develop content for single sourcing and multi-channel publishing.

Logical & Structured Writing provides the tools and techniques to analyse, develop and deliver user focused content.

The workshop on Logical & Structured Writing has several purposes:

  1. to identify relevant and emerging topics either in finance or other areas relevant to the AIFC;
  2. to train participants to articulate overarching and supporting arguments and teach them how to write in a coherent and structured manner;
  3. to develop a first output of structured arguments and to discuss and present it to others.



All the participants are required to write a paper based on the Logical & Structured Writing workshop. For the competition participants who participated in the workshop need to write a 1500-word (+/-10%) analytical paper on one of the identified during the workshop topics. The requirements and evaluation criteria for final papers will be provided. Papers that do not meet the world length requirements will be rejected. Plagiarism will also not be tolerated. Papers should be written in British English given that is the official language of the AIFC.


Review Committee

The Review Committee is an independent body that will review the structure of the draft paper and final paper and make a decision on a winner of the competition.

The Review Committee is made up of 5 members, who have expertise in structured writing in the following areas: finance, investment, corporate governance, professional development and other relevant areas. This allows the committee to take an objective view on the papers and make a decision on a winner of the competition.



Participants will receive certifications of participation in the workshop and the competition, following the submission of their final papers. All papers will be published in the BCPD research conference proceedings. The winning paper will be submitted for a review to the Journal of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment “Review of Financial Markets” for further publication. The editorial team of the Review of Financial Markets has final decision authority whether a paper will be published or not.



Interested candidates are welcome to participate in the competition. To participate please register at https://landing.talantiz.com/ by October 17, 2019. 30 participants will be selected based on their level of English language proficiency and work experience. Selected candidates will be notified by October 22, 2019.